Melissa Dorn, PhD candidate is the CEO and founder of FOUNDationYOU® and started this company after her mom suddenly and tragically passed from a head injury.  The concept and company surrounds a thriving coaching and consulting service designed to embrace a healthy lifestyle in the moment and transform our adversity from not-so-hot, to unbelievably MORE-than-satisfying!

Life is just too short not to be happy, healthy and make a difference. Because of that FOUNDationYOU® has branched out from its wellness coaching business into the new expressive apparel you see in this shop! Most of us love smiling, laughing and helping other beings, animals included, and with these designs we show people how grateful we are for what we have and can offer.
"People who face great adversity gain clarity about what’s important in life.  And if spreading awareness helps us persevere,
then life is better for all of us when we express it!"

Expression is not about irrational communication or just “cliché” art activities.  It’s not centered around fashion, or a non-pragmatic strategy to approaching life.  To FOUNDationYOU®, it’s about giving others insight to the raw, vulnerable parts of yourself and the world around YOU. 
Expression empowers us to explore the earth with open arms and an eye toward progress, cultivation and solution.  It also makes life a heck of a lot more fun, especially if you can make an impact! :) 
All of these designs are created by Melissa, who is also the Amazon bestselling author of the book


She's also a public school Art teacher for over nineteen years, as well as a motivational speaker,
entrepreneur, and certified plant-based coach.
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To your success!


Thank you,
-Melissa Dorn, PhD candidate